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From the Principal

A message from our new Principal

Thank you, staff and students, for the warm welcome back to IES. From just one year ago, I have noticed a significant improvement in the English proficiency of the Junior School students. This improvement is directly related to the reading, writing, listening and speaking activities at IES. In addition, staff members use English in the corridors to support the command of the English language outside the classroom.

The Student Council is also engaged in promoting activities that support reading. Last week, the Student Council kicked off a bookmark design competition. The winner’s bookmark will be printed and available in the library.

It is great to be back and see IES values in action.

Best Regards,

Maritza Molin


From the Principal

The making of great students

Our 8th and 9th graders have started their Study Skills course this term, and one of the first tasks was to brainstorm for the characteristics of successful students. Most students tend to focus on academic behaviors such as taking detailed notes, being organized, participating during lessons and studying a little all the time. However, the personality traits of successful students are just as important. Our students need to be happy, confident, responsible, and energetic during their lessons. Moreover, a successful student needs to be healthy, and this starts at home – our parents can help by making sure their children get a good night’s sleep (phones away!) and eat breakfast before coming to school. Learning takes a lot of energy!

From the Principal

Study Skills

2016 is already here and Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås is looking forward to a great spring term! In order to help our students be better prepared for the challenges of lessons and homework, we will be addressing Study Skills during class meetings this term. Our teachers will guide them through topics such as creating a learning space at home, taking notes, reviewing, preparing for tests and test-taking strategies. We realize that taking national tests in many subjects can be stressful for our students, and we hope to help them manage their time well and to handle anxiety so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. 

From the Principal

Open house 2015

Last week, Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås had its first Open House for students wishing to start autumn term 2016. It was a great turnout and we enjoyed meeting our prospective students and parents.

We do plan on having additional Open Houses in the spring of 2016 which will also be directed towards our older students in the queue line for years 7-9.

Even though we are on our sixth year here in Borås, we always are excited by the enthusiasm of our future students and will continue doing our best to create a great school!



From the Principal

A new year,

On Tuesday, August 18 we welcome over 500 new and returning students in grades 4-9 to Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås. We start the day by greeting all students outside where they are met by their respective mentors before going to their new classrooms together.

Once again, we have a dynamic mix of international and Swedish teachers who have already been hard at work preparing for a challenging and interesting year with our students. This year we welcome new teachers from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Sweden. Some of our new teachers have been teaching in international schools as far away as China and United Arab Emirates and we look forward to being inspired by their experiences from other schools and cultures.

As principal, I am so excited to start the 2015-2016 school year and to have the opportunity to work closely with our Student Council which will be elected soon and, of course, our Parent-Teacher Association.

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås!


From the Principal

Starting our 5th year in Borås!

Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås is starting its fifth year in Borås, and we welcomed 3 new fourth grades classes to join our school last week. This is the first time we have 3 year four classes and it is exciting to see our younger students becoming IES students.

We believe an IES student is interested in the global community, has a desire to be better in English, and wants to excel to the best of his/her abilities in all subjects. Our school motto is "Do Well What You Do" and this idea impacts all areas of our school, such as how we learn and also how we treat each other. 

This year we welcome new teachers from Canada, Kenya, United States and Sweden. Mr Robert Rousseau has also joined our school as an Apprentice School Leader and will be shadowing me throughout the year learning how to become an IES school leader.

Despite the heavy rainy season this year, our international teachers have a great attitude to living and working in Borås, and our entire staff is looking forward to an outstanding year with our students and parents.


From the Principal

Welcome back to school!

We have opened our classroom doors to 500 students this year as we begin our fourth year in Borås.

Two new fourth grade clases and one new sixth grade class have started with us, and we are excited to welcome them to our IES spirit and ethos.

In addition to 100 new students, we have new teachers from Sweden and around the world who have chosen to teach at IES Borås. We especially welcome Ms Harmening, Ms Helfer, Mr Smearman, and Ms Ziel who have moved from United Stated and Great Britain to join our staff.

Our students celebrated their first week of school by having an All School Activity Day outside on Tuesday morning which was planned by their mentors. The morning activities were important in helping all new students and teachers to feel more comfortable. For once, even the weather cooperated in Borås as the sun shone all day!

Our PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) also invited everyone to an IES Kick Off evening at Almenäs which was greatly appreciated by those of us who braved the rain. Games and a Question Walk were arranged and prizes given to the best score by a student and parent. A big thank you to the PTA!

From the Principal

Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

IES Borås is proud to be a part of the Cambridge IGCSEs for the second year in a row. This is an opportunity for students to earn a certificate which shows that they have reached a proficiency level in English which is recognized around the world.

Many of our year 9 students have been preparing for the Cambridge exam in English during the autumn and spring terms. The exam is comprised of three parts: an oral discussion, reading and writing tasks, and finally listening tasks. Whereas national tests in Sweden are assessed internally by the teachers at our school, IGCSE exams are externally assessed which means they are sent away to Cambridge examiners to mark and grade. Our students do not find out their results until the end of summer.

We wish our students the best of luck on the Cambridge exam in English!

From the Principal

Recruiting International Teachers

Several weeks ago I had the priviledge to travel to Minnesota, USA in order to interview future teachers for our schools in Sweden. It was motivating to meet so many young people who are not only top university students but who are also involved in many activities outside of school such as sports, music and volunteer work.

Our schools greatly benefit from these teachers who come to Sweden eager to teach in an international environment, to learn a new culture and, even speak a new language. The spontaneous lunch chats between our students and teachers or the meetings in the halls, provide many natural learning opportunities during the days at Internationella Engelska Skolan!

From the Principal

Year 7 Science Fair!

Our year 7 students are participating in a Science Fair where they will use the scientific method to design and test a technological invention. The driving forces behind science and technology are to solve problems that can better our world and its citizens. The students choose between four categories: Simple Machines; Save the animals, save the Earth; Record breakers - Fastest, strongest and tallest; and Devices of Wonder.

Hopefully by designing their own experimental procedures, our year 7 students will learn how to devise meaningful conclusions while explaining their findings. We wish our future scientists the best of luck at the science fair!