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Från rektorn

Från rektorn

From the Principal

The making of great students

Our 8th and 9th graders have started their Study Skills course this term, and one of the first tasks was to brainstorm for the characteristics of successful students. Most students tend to focus on academic behaviors such as taking detailed notes, being organized, participating during lessons and studying a little all the time. However, the personality traits of successful students are just as important. Our students need to be happy, confident, responsible, and energetic during their lessons.

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Antagning/Admissions procedure

För mer information kring vår antagningsprocess, vänligen läs under Kö och Antagning där det finns svar på vanliga frågor om hur du ansöker och hur processen går till.

Antalet erbjudna platser varierar från år till år. Vänligen kontakta skolan via mail för mer information kring detta. Antagningsprocessen sker ett år i taget vilket betyder att vi i november månad varje år börjar jobba med antagningarna till följande läsår.

Term dates 17/18

Fall term 2017


Study day 171020

Fall break week 44


Spring term 2018


Study days

180116 -- this is changed from March/ändrad från mars!



Break week 7 and week 14

Regional Conference

Feedback from our Study Day!


Last Friday our school had its first Study Day of the year and while our students were hopefully having a nice sleep in, our staff left at 5.45 to travel to IES Lund in order to participate in our yearly regional conference. 


In addition to Borås, Our Southwest region consists of our IES schools from Jönköping, Göteborg (Johanneberg and Krokslätt), Halmstad, Hässleholm and Lund. Next year there will be two more schools as IES is opening in Helsingborg and Landskrona.


From your Principal

Great start to a new school year!


On behalf of all our staff at Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås, I am pleased to welcome our students and parents to the start of our 2016-2017 school year.


We are especially excited to welcome our three year 4 classes to our school.Our incoming students have been busy getting to know their mentors, teachers and classmates. It takes a lot of energy for them to meet so many new people, to find their way around the school, to understand classroom routines, and, of course, to be active learners during their lessons.

Vi anställer! Läs mer...
Vi anställer! Läs mer...
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