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Cross Curricular Projects

At IES we believe in cross curricular projects, to demonstrate to students how our different subjects work together in the world outside school.

This term Year 8 had a project with Music and Art.  In Art, we researched different areas of design work and the theory behind them.  We covered areas such as target audience, colour theory, and advertisement placement.  Students were to create a logo for their company, design a product and advertise the product with a storyboard and turning it into a 1 min film.

In music students created a composition to accompany their videos. Their challenge was to come up with a song that included a chord progression and melody, a variety of instruments, and a fully functional structure that matched their storyboard and video. Students were evaluated on their ability to refine their ideas when composing, their ability to play their instruments and adapt to each other while playing. 

Here is an example of one of the many impressive advertisements turned in.

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Buddhist Temple Visit


This last week, Year 6, have enjoyed their annual visit to the local Buddhist temple as part of their Social Science unit. Here they learnt more about Buddhism around the world, the philosophy as well as being able to participate in a meditation workshop.


Our Spring Fair

Once again the sun shone on our amazing Spring Fair!

The students were very creative and we had everything from Dunk The Teacher and pies in the face to all sorts of food for sale, all of which were made or prepared by the students.

The students are really grateful for the support of the parents and have raised a lot of funds for their Class Cash accounts.

Tough Love

Barbara Bergström, the founder of Internationella Engelska Skolan, celebrates 25 years of hard work and has written a book with her husband, Hans Bergström. The book is titled after her ​core value Tough Love! 

From the Principal

Vacation School (lovskola)

All schools are now required to offer vacation school (lovskola) to students that are in grade 8 or 9 who are at risk of failing one or more subjects and are not meeting the requirements to get into a high school program. The requirements for a high school program are: passing English, Math, Swedish/SVA plus 5 other classes (not specified).

Students with E grades in English, Math and Swedish/SVA plus E in 5 other classes are NOT entitled to vacation school.

Vacation school must be offered at a minimum of 50 hours and can take place during the fall break, the sport break, Easter break and summer vacation. Vacation school is not mandatory but if a student accepts a spot, attendance will be mandatory, and absences will be reported.

I highly recommend parents to encourage students to work hard and attend study center for extra help during the school year. Vacation is a time to gather up new energy and focus on individual interests. Vacation school, however, will be offered to 8th and 9th grade students that need the extra support to meet the requirements for high school.

Elever med lägsta betyget E i engelska, matematik och svenska/SVA plus 5 andra ämnen är inte berättigade lovskola.

Det är nu obligatoriskt för alla skolor att erbjuda lovskola till alla elever i åk 8 eller 9 som riskerar att inte bli godkända i ett eller flera ämnen och för de som inte är behöriga för att komma in på gymnasiet. Kraven för att komma in på gymnasiet är: godkänt betyg i engelska, matematik, svenska/SVA plus 5 andra ämnen (inte specificerade).

Lovskola måste erbjudas minst 50 timmar och kan erbjudas under höstlovet, sportlovet, påsklovet och sommarlovet. Lovskola är inte obligatoriskt men om en elev tackar ja till erbjudandet om lovskola kommer närvaron att vara obligatorisk och frånvaro kommer att rapporteras.

Jag rekommenderar starkt vårdnadshavare att uppmuntra sitt/sina barn att arbeta hårt under terminen och att vara närvarande på skolans study center för extra hjälp. Lov är till för att samla ny energi och fokusera på individuella intressen. Lovskola kommer dock att erbjudas till alla elever i åk 8 och 9 som behöver extra stöd för att nå de nödvändiga målen för gymnasiet.

Warm Regards,

Maritza Molin