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From the Principal

Where are they now?

Teddy graduated from IES 2015. What is he doing now?

First of all, this summer I finished my three year long education at Naturvetenskapsprogrammet, with the profile Vetenskap och forskning, here at Bäckängsgymnasiet. Its been three though years of lots of maths, science and new impressions. It has been a roadtrip not only for the academical part of me, but mostly for who I really am. 

During my third year I got the oppurtunity to be head of all the 30 "student compounds" we have here at Bäckäng. As a result of that, having me as a compere on several events, the school administration got an eye for me. Every third year they hire a year three-student as the schools "Informatör". They asked me to apply for it, and I did. It went well, and here I am right now, hired as Bäckängsgymnasiets "Informatör". 

My main task is to market the school, plan the big events such as Besöksdagarna år 9 and Öppet hus. During the spring I will visit all eight-graders and inform about Bäckängsgymnasiet, as a part of recruting new students. Otherwise, I help out with different tasks such as the reception, library and café. 

Well, that is where I am right now. Love this school! 

After my two years as Informatör I will head for my dreams of becoming a pilot, can't wait!

School election

A look in at our IES Borås school election from Friday.

Our year 6 class ambassadors and Student Council representatives operated the polls and counted the votes for themselves (with the oversight of Ms Asplund and Ms Westlund).

We are very proud of all of those who participated today!

Great work everyone! 


Why Character Counts?


Over the summer, Mr Gates and Ms Jonsson visited the United States on a fact-finding mission about an exciting concept called Character Counts.  This educational strategy places greater emphasis on establishing a positive school climate and instilling lifelong academic, social and emotional skills, as well as core character traits in students.

Character Counts focuses on six pillars - Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Since the start of the school year, Character Counts has been implemented with great enthusiasm by both teachers and students.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about Character Counts via our social media outlets and also in the upcoming Parent Meetings.

Scott Gates

Head of Year 9

Senior School Physical Education Teacher

From the Principal

A new school year

Dear Students,                                        

Welcome back! We look forward to another exciting and productive school year. As in the past, our staff will continue to create a positive culture of learning where all students can experience academic, social and emotional success.We encourage all students to take pride in their work and embrace our commitment to "Do the Right Thing" which is our new school motto.

We have some new additions to our staff. Two of them are returning staff from the USA and will be teaching English, Ms Nilsson and Ms Harder. Our new wood crafts teacher is Mr Stewart and we also have two new Social Science teachers in Senior School, Mr Mossberg and Mr Johansson. Other additions are Ms Page who will teach Maths in Senior School and Mr Kafferky in Junior School. Mr Sigudarson will also be in Junior School assisting as needed. 

There may also be some new students in your classes. Please do your best to welcome them and treat them as you would like to be treated yourself. We are so proud of our IES students and we can't wait to start the school year with you!

The IES Staff are here for all of our students and we really look forward to all of you filling the classrooms again!

Please check School Soft for important dates and other information. See you soon! 

Kind Regards,

Ms Molin 


School Year 2018/19

Please be reminded, school will start back on Wednesday 22nd August at 08:00am

Mentors will meet their classes in the schoolgrounds.  Junior by the playground, senior by the football pitches.

Schedules are up on SchoolSoft.  The first two hours will be spent with mentors, normal schedule from 10:30.  If you have PE that day please remember to brinf your kit.

We look forward to seeing your for a new school year!


En vänlig påminnelse, skolan börjar åter igen onsdagen den 22 augusti på kl. 08:00

Mentorer möter respektive klasser på skolgården. Junior vid lekplatsen och senior vid fotbollsplanen. 

Scheman finns tillgängliga på SchoolSoft. De två första timmarna tillbaka kommer eleverna att tillbringa med sina mentorer, därefter har de sina vanliga lektioner från och med 10.30. Om eleven har idrott den här dagen, glöm ej att ta med idrottskläder. 

Vi ser fram emot ett nytt skolår tillsammans med er!