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Spring letter

Dear IES parents,

IES Borås has had a busy spring so far! Skolinspektionen was here for its first visit and I am pleased to report that all went well. We have also spent a lot of time analyzing the new curriculum and grading system which we will start implementing in August 2011.

Many of you were in school last month to meet your child's mentor/class teacher for the Student-Parent-Teacher Conference. Our teachers seemed quite pleased with the conferences and now it is up to all of us to make the IUP an active document for our students.

Some of you did not complete the IES on-line survey in conjunction with the STPs. It only takes a few minutes so please contact Ms Pernilla Telles ( who can issue you a password which allows you to complete the survey at home. IES values the opinions of our parents in our endeavor to continually improve.

Right now we are interviewing and hiring new teachers for August. So far we have hired teachers in Crafts, English, Mathematics, PE and class teachers for the new classes in years 4 and 6. At present we are 231 students and next year we will have at least 330 students.  The school can hold more than 450 students, but then our lunch room area will have to be expanded.

Renovation projects are still going on! The schoolyard will be finished this spring, hopefully in time for the PTA Spring Fair on Sunday, May 15. During the summer we will turn the top floor, which is not being used at present, into an Art Studio and Textile Crafts room. This will allow us to create a larger break room area in the basement.

We are looking forward to seeing our first class of students graduate in the traditional IES blue caps and gowns. Graduation Day is Thursday, June 9 and Borås Parkhallen has been booked for the event.

Junior School years 4 and 5 and Senior School years 6 and 7 will have an End of Term Celebration at school lasting from 8.30 -9.45 also on June 9. They will have the opportunity to see our year 9 students off as they walk to their Graduation Ceremony. Year 8 students will participate in the year 9 graduation ceremony.  More specific information about the last day of school will be sent home in May from the Head of Years.

I hope you have all been enjoying the wonderful spring weather and remember that you can always reach me!

Best regards,

Robin Kirk Johansson, Principal                                   

Message from the Head of English

Hello and thank you for visiting the webpage of the Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås…home of the Borås Bobcats!

Our school is one of the newly-opened IES schools, and we are very proud to be a part of an organization which places a strong emphasis on academic excellence for our students. At the heart of our school is English; it is mentioned in our school’s name, utilized as the language of communication between faculty and staff, and emphasized in English, math and science classes, where all the lessons in these classes are taught by native English speakers beginning in year 6.

In English classes at IES Borås, we focus not only on teaching students the practical use of the language, but expose students to different writings and literature from many English speaking countries. Agatha Christie, Morris Gleitzman, Charles Dickens, Mark Haddon, Roald Dahl and Ray Bradbury are just a few of the authors whose works are read during the course of a school year. Intertwined with great literary study are active conversation lessons, rich vocabulary study and creative writing workshops…all of which help create students who have excellent reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities in English.

Come to one of our open houses and see for yourself what we are all about! An environment of bilingualism, high academic standards, and a place where teachers can teach and students can learn.

Rebecca Ryberg

Head of English

November Öppet Hus

Välkomna till


Internationella Engelska Skolan Borås

Årskurs 4 -9

Onsdagen den 24 november kl. 18.00-20.00

Idrottsgatan 13, 506 30 Borås


Välkommen att besöka vår skola där lärare undervisar och elever lär!

IES Borås strävar alltid efter att:

  • Tillhandahålla en utmanande akademisk atmosfär
  • Skapa en säker och respektfull miljö för inlärning
  • Förbättra våra elevers kunskaper i engelska och svenska


Upp till 50 % av undervisningen sker på engelska och alla kurser är baserade på kursplaner och betygskriterier för den Svenska grundskolan.

Note from the Academic Co-ordinator

We are heading towards the November break and things are becoming more in order for everyday that goes by. Five weeks ago we received more than 200 hundred new students that where between 9 and 16 years old. They didn´t know the building, they didn´t know their classmates, they didn´t know their teachers and they were unfamiliar with what we were expecting from them. The progress that the students have done socially is amazing.

Academically the students are about to take off. At IES we look at high academic standards. We expect the students to do their very best and we are going the extra mile to help the students to get there. That’s where the Academic Representative helps out.

I have a grade watch for year 8 and 9. I meet with the head of year every second week and I am informed on how the students are doing when it comes to their academic progress. As the Academic Representative I am monitoring the preparation for the national tests for year 9 closely.

As an Academic Representative my job is to monitor the academic progression of our students and to push every student into using her/his full potential.

Mr Jesper Swanson
Academic Representative, Teacher in Social Science and Home Economics