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MOvember Updates

During the month of November our school took part in MOvember, a charity aimed at raising awareness of Men’s Health and Mental Wellbeing.  Throughout the month, most of our male members of staff grew a moustache and the females took part in a movement based challenge. Our students were heavily involved in MOvember and around 200 junior and senior students chose to take part in a MOvember walk during their elective lessons.  During the month of MOvember, we held class discussions and talked to students about Men’s Health and why it is important that everyone is made aware of its meaning, not just the males in our school. We also highlighted why it is important to feel free to talk about Mental Wellbeing and why students should always feel that they can talk to someone in the school about any problems they may be facing.  Overall, it feels that MOvember has been a huge success in our school. Students and teachers worked together to create a sense of community through such an important cause. Who knows, maybe we can do this again next year!

If you would be kind enough to donate to our school’s charity fund, you can do so by clicking on the following link -

Mr Gates.

From the Principal

Where are they now?

Hi, I was one of the first students at IES in Borås. Choosing to change schools just before year 9 was an easy choice due to the fantastic reputation and pillars that IES is built on. Being half English I saw this as an opportunity to learn and develop my knowledge of the actual language as well as growing as an individual, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

Since finishing IES I’ve graduated from Bäckängsgymnasiet, attending the Language Studies profile, I have also travled quite a bit (Costa Rica, Albania) improving my language skills. Also searching for my greatest passion, which I’ve managed to realize is people. Because of my increasing interest in people, I have applied to ”Socionom Programmet” at Lunds Universitet, hoping to begin another interesting chapter of my life. 

- Cheyenne

From the Principal

Where are they now?

I studied at IES Borås 5 years ago, and decided to study International Baccalaureate at Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet, and now I’m studying my last year of social work at University of Gothenburg. I’m also working part-time with domestic violence, and my plan is to keep working with that in the future. IES gave me a lot of tools to set high goals for my future. I was taught to set my goals high through the tough love that the teachers had at IES. Even though IES had some rules that were more strict than the other schools, I knew it was for my best, altough it wasn’t something that I realized at first. It wasn’t until my last year of high school that I understood what IES actually had taught me, and how important it was to have disciplin in school. High school was quite different compared to IES, but at the end I could still benefit from the tough love, the disciplin and the study techniques that I got from IES. Although it has been 5 years since I graduated, I still think a lot about IES and how it helped me get to where I am today. I wouldn’t set my goals high and be able to actually reach them if it wasn’t for what I was taught at IES.

Regina Namroud

MOvember Motivations

Here is an update of our beautiful male staff and their attempt at growing a moustache for MOvember.  They are doing this to raise awareness of mental and men’s health.  If you would like to donate the cause, please do so at the following link -