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Monthly Lookback

Junior Leadership Elective have been busy writing articles in the past few weeks. Their goal is to spread  positivity around the school. We already have some articles up in the Junior staircase. 

As part of this goal, they have created a "Monthly Lookback". For students and teachers to share postive things from our classrooms.

Happy reading!

Claire Grant

Head of Student Council

Please use this link to read the Monthly Lookback


Term dates 18/19

180822-181221 fall term/hösttermin

fall break/höstlov week 44

study day 181019


190107-190613 spring term/vårtermin

sports break/sportlov week 7

Easter break/påsklov week 16

3 study days to be added to spring term, dates to be announces later

3 studiedagar kommer att meddelas inom kort för vårterminen

Social Media Tips and Advice

Almost all of our students are in one way or another are involved in social media. Social Media can of course be a great tool to communicate with friends and family and meet new people. Sometimes social media can cause negative impacts as well.
I want to encourage parents to be aware of what social media sites their child is using and what they are writing. Many sites have age restrictions but are not followed by students. Please make a note of the age restrictions provided in the poster below. 
This is a very useful information document, from with some advice, ideas and tips for parents navigating social media.
Social Media Tips and Advice
Thank you for your cooperation.
Ms Molin

Antagning/Admissions procedure

För mer information kring vår antagningsprocess, vänligen läs under Kö och Antagning där det finns svar på vanliga frågor om hur du ansöker och hur processen går till.

Antalet erbjudna platser varierar från år till år. Vänligen kontakta skolan via mail för mer information kring detta. Antagningsprocessen sker ett år i taget vilket betyder att vi i november månad varje år börjar jobba med antagningarna till följande läsår.


For more information about the admissions process, please read under Join the Queue where you will find FAQ about how to apply and the admissions procedure.

The number of spots offered may vary from year to year. Please contact the school ( for more information regarding this. The admissions process is done for one year at a time, meaning that in November each year we start the process to admit students for the upcoming school year.


Term dates 17/18

Fall term 2017


Study day 171020

Fall break week 44


Spring term 2018


Study days

180116 -- this is changed from March/ändrad från mars!



Break week 7 and week 14