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Kockduellen Almåsgymnasiet 2019 Video

Check out this youtube video of our students competing in Kockduellen in January.

The show is even hosted by one of our former students.

Great work everyone!


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From the Principal

Fall 2018 School Inspection Results - Positive

During October 2018, School Inspection surveyed 5th graders, 9th graders and parents all across Sweden.The results for IES Borås were very positive and were above the national scores in almost all areas surveyed.

There are two areas that I want to continue to focus on primarily in senior school. These areas are safety and student health. Although our scores are something to be proud of, quality and improvement is what we stand for.

It takes time to influence behavior and customs that make up a school culture. We will continue to monitor and measure areas that concern safety by checking in with our students and welcoming feedback from parents. We currently have four advanced teachers working with activities in this area.

The area of student health is the focus of our Student Care Team, which includes the nurse, school doctor, counselor, school psychologist and the special educator. We are currently without a school counselor but are in the process recruiting. As a former school counselor myself, I understand that there is a great need for counselling in middle school. School counseling is designed to facilitate student achievement, improve student behavior and attendance, and help students develop socially. Counselors also help students work through conflicts that may affect academics or relationships. We will continue our recruiting process until we find a qualified counselor that meet our school’s expectations.

The overall positive results of our school are an indication that the IES Borås community stands strong together. Our sense of community only grows stronger with influence from students, parents and staff.

Maritza Molin


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Holiday Card Competition Winner

Congratulation goes to one of our 6B students for designing our beautiful holiday card this year.

She walks away with a prize of movie tickets and copies of the beautiful design.  It is also printed as a poster around the school for everyone to enjoy.

MOvember Updates

During the month of November our school took part in MOvember, a charity aimed at raising awareness of Men’s Health and Mental Wellbeing.  Throughout the month, most of our male members of staff grew a moustache and the females took part in a movement based challenge. Our students were heavily involved in MOvember and around 200 junior and senior students chose to take part in a MOvember walk during their elective lessons.  During the month of MOvember, we held class discussions and talked to students about Men’s Health and why it is important that everyone is made aware of its meaning, not just the males in our school. We also highlighted why it is important to feel free to talk about Mental Wellbeing and why students should always feel that they can talk to someone in the school about any problems they may be facing.  Overall, it feels that MOvember has been a huge success in our school. Students and teachers worked together to create a sense of community through such an important cause. Who knows, maybe we can do this again next year!

If you would be kind enough to donate to our school’s charity fund, you can do so by clicking on the following link -

Mr Gates.